The Butterfly Factor

I have always marveled at the beauty and simplicity of a butterfly but it wasn’t until just recently that I realized how the symbolism of the butterfly actually mirrors the reality of our existence.  It is amazing to think that a lowly caterpillar can spend it’s entire life crawling along the ground only to ultimately be transformed into a magnificent butterfly that gets to spend the rest of his life flying from one beautiful flower to the next.  I really envy the freedom and adventure that the butterfly has but I can’t help but think that when I photograph people it is actually very similar because I get the opportunity to transform an ordinary person into a beautiful individual and then archive the event into priceless imagery.

People are so much like butterflies because everyone have their own uniqueness but unlike the butterfly, they have the ability to change the way they look.  Through the marvels of makeup, lighting and retouching we are able to transform ordinary people into the beautiful person that they want to be but it is always amazing that the most photogenic person is not always the most beautiful person.  I have photographed many sessions where the results of the shoot far exceeded even my own expectations because the inner beauty of the person came shining through and the final images became magical.   I have also photographed some people that many would consider as some of the most  beautiful people on earth but on camera they did not photograph as pretty as they appear even though the images were still beautiful.

The real key to a successful  photograph of a person is to be able to capture a person’s inner beauty as much as their physical beauty. The Native Americans did not like to have their pictures taken because they felt that their “inner soul” would be lost if they were photographed but in reality, the “inner soul” is actually being preserved as well as the “beauty” of the person.  Everyone wants their photograph to look like “who they think they are” instead of “how they actually look”  but everyone has inner beauty that far exceeds their physical beauty.

You are a butterfly inside and out so take care of yourself and let your inner beauty and confidence shine!







About Andrew Wilson

Atlanta Photographer Andrew Wilson, with over 25 years behind the camera, shoots weddings, fashion, celebrities, cosmetics, advertising, commercial, interiors, music covers, lifestyle, movie posters, magazine editorial, model portfolios, actors headshots, and personal portraits of all types.