Something Old…. is New Again!

The success of the Academy Award winning movie “The Artist” has led to a flood of requests for the glamorous photographic Film Noir look.  The classic Film Noir era extended from the early 1940s to the late 1950s mainly because everything was originally photographed in black and white.  Now there is a new demand for professional photographers to be able to recreate that look for the client that would like to share in that timeless period.  Photographing this unique style is highly specialized because achieving this look requires a careful blend of specialized dramatic lighting, glamorous makeup and elaborate post production techniques.  Andrew Wilson Studios, along with our commercial makeup artists, have been applying these techniques and providing the Film Noir look for many of our valued clients for years.  Until just recently we were forced to print all of our digital Film Noir images on only color photographic  paper but now we have the ability to reproduce our created images on either metallic or true black and white photographic papers.  These specialty papers offer us the opportunity to totally recreate a classic Film Noir image as it appeared in the original era.

The Film Noir photographic style is available  for all age groups, individuals and even couples.  We can incorporate many attitudes including drama, romance and mystery into our Film Noir shoots but our ultimate goal is to create a timeless look for you. The Film Noir look, like most of our shoots, evolves from a consultation session  where we carefully design your shoot to match your expectations.  It is during that planning consultation session that we discuss your wardrobe, makeup, locations, and your expectations for the final result.  Film Noir is an era specific style so we usually try to suggest that you incorporate some unique period costuming to achieve your ultimate desired look.  Some of our most recent Film Noir shoots have been much more simplistic and featured a more modern wardrobe approach with a dramatic lighted background. I actually like both concepts because one of them incorporates the original purity of the Film Noir era and the other establishes a more contemporary style that makes the effect more editorial.  The choice of styles that we ultimately shoot usually depends on where the final prints will hang or be placed in your home because the images needs to follow the flow of your surrounding wall space decor.

The Film Noir look actually has no boundaries so it is really up to our client as to which direction the shoot will travel.  One of our latest concepts is to incorporate a “story board” approach to a shoot so that we can either  film your shoot as an actual video or shoot stills that can later be transformed into a dynamic slide show video. This concept is very creative and captures the true essence of the original Film Noir era.  The goal of our “story board” shoots is to provide you with a Film Noir style video, a slide show video presentation or a permanently bound book that will express both your look and inner thoughts in a completed story format.  This is a great way for us to be able to collaborate with our clients to create more than just an image!

Your stories never end and neither does our imagination……





About Andrew Wilson

Atlanta Photographer Andrew Wilson, with over 25 years behind the camera, shoots weddings, fashion, celebrities, cosmetics, advertising, commercial, interiors, music covers, lifestyle, movie posters, magazine editorial, model portfolios, actors headshots, and personal portraits of all types.