Portrait Gallery

The faces that you see on our sample Portrait Gallery reflects some of the many friends and memorable moments that we have photographed.  Capturing the unique personalities and featuring the beauty of an individual has always been the photographic hallmark of  Andrew Wilson Studios over the years.  We enjoy the opportunity to explore our creative talents and to be able to work with our valued clients on collaborative Portrait Art.  Historic portraiture has always been considered to be a museum quality piece of art and we take that same approach with every Lifestyle and Executive Portrait that we photograph.  We customize and design every portrait style to properly reflect our client’s final purpose and intent of the photograph.  We approach every Portrait session as though it is a potential historical event even though it may not seem like it is now.  I am sure that the people in the historic museum  portraits thought the same way!

Thank you for visiting our Portrait Gallery and we look forward to working with you soon!  Please call us at 770-222-9890 today so that we can design your portrait!

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