Model Portfolios

andrew wilson studios-commercial-atlanta-portrait-headshots-model photography-glamour-photo essay photography-Image153Your Model Portfolio is probably the most important item in your “Model Toolbox” because it shows your style, ability and is your visual resume.  The Model Portfolio is much more than a book of pretty pictures….It is through this visual presentation that a Client or Model Agent decides whether or not  they want hire or represent  you so it is what you have in your Model Portfolio that will either sell you or sink you.  Some models think that the more  images that they have in their portfolio will sell  them  but it is actually the quality and uniqueness of your images that will get you noticed and potentially hired or represented by a Top Agent.

The Model Portfolios that we shoot at Andrew Wilson Studios are designed to specifically enhance your versatility, style and personality.  We feel that your uniqueness needs to be reflected in your  Model Portfolio and we use all of the resources that are available to accomplish that.  The training, direction and skills that you will learn during our Model Portfolio sessions will give you the confidence and the ability to tackle any Modeling Assignment!

Each Model Portfolio Session is carefully constructed and photographed to feature your strengths, ability and your  unique personality.  The images that you select from your shoot  will be presented in either the traditional European Book Style format or on a custom Model Website that is designed specifically for you.

All pricing for are Model Portfolio session are quoted individually but our goal and desire is to try to always make every Model Portfolio Session as affordable as possible.   At our FREE consultation session, we will discuss your ideas, objectives and  present to you a complete quote based on the complexity and intent of your Model Portfolio Session.  Call us today at 770-222-9890 to set up you FREE consultation session!

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