A Model’s Photo Shoot Checklist

Photo Shoots and Video Commercials are a team effort and the success of each shoot depends on many key elements and individuals to work together seamlessly and harmoniously.  Most Photo Shoots revolve around the Model (or “Talent”) so their dedication to the shoot is extremely important.  It is vitally essential that the Model be prepared for the the shoot,  do their homework and to know what is going to be expected of them while on set.

Andrew Wilson Studios has photographed many commercial Model Photo Shoots over the years and has put together “A Model’s Photo Shoot Checklist” that should help every Model with the task of preparing for their photo shoot.

The Day Before the Shoot! 

  • Find out the location of the shoot ahead of time and print out maps or GPS the location.
  • Make sure that you have the Phone Numbers of your agent, the photographer and the coordinator.
  • Confirm whether or not there will be a Hair & Makeup person on set to work with you or if you need to come “Camera Ready”.
  • Confirm what you will be shooting and wearing with the photographer or coordinator and if Wardrobe is going to be provided.  Even when wardrobe is provided, make sure that you have all of your personal items with you.  Layout Your Wardrobe the day before and mentally go over everything to see if there is anything that you may have forgotten to include.
  • Prepare For the Elements if you will be shooting outside…..Umbrella, Coat, Sunglasses, Sunscreen, Water, Food, etc.
  • DO NOT PARTY the night before a shoot!
  • Get Plenty of Rest the night before the shoot and make sure that you Set the Alarm!

The Day of the Shoot!

  • Arrive On Time or earlier!  Nothing will stall a career faster than being late for a shoot….Time is money for everyone on the set so Don’t be that Person!
  • Keep the Conversation Light and avoid any controversial topics.
  • Do not Disrupt or get in the way of any set preparations.
  • Arrange your Wardrobe and have the photographer or coordinator confirm the wardrobe choices.
  • Make sure that your Makeup and Hair are right for the shoot.
  • Keep Track of Time and be ready for your “on set call”.
  • Listen to any comments or directions while on set and Act Professional.
  • Quickly Prepare for the next set
  • Recheck Your Hair & Makeup.
  • Don’t Gossip, Complain or Create Drama about this or any other shoot…..only Talk Positively!
  • Sign Any Releases that are necessary
  • Have your Voucher Signed  (if booked through an agency).
  • Ask for your Payment (if that was the prior arrangement)!
  • SMILE…..a lot!

Good Luck on your shoot and please remember to Thank Everyone!

All Rights Reserved – Copyright 2016 Andrew Wilson Studios