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 In  business, social media or in the glamorous Model and  movie industry, a Headshot can becomes a personal introduction for models, actors and professionals.  What you say about yourself through your Headshot sets the stage for what employers, casting directors and agencies think of you.  We take great pride in the Headshots that we photograph because we know how much your Headshot means to you!

All of our Headshot Sessions feature award winning photography, customized lighting and minor retouching that best enhances your unique characteristics.    We also take into affect the intended use of your Headshot so that we can provide you with the most contemporary and up-to-date lighting possible for your intended usage.  Every Headshot that we photograph has different applications and purposes so it is important that we match your usage with our unique style.

The wardrobe that you wear and provide also enters in to the success of your Headshot because it it needs to be contemporary…. but not trendy.  Your Headshot should also reflect your personality and style without overpowering you or your final image.  Specific industries require a certain appearance and standard so please keep that in mind as well when you are selecting your wardrobe for our Headshot Sessions.  Artists, entertainers and musicians probably have the most flexibility when it comes to selecting their wardrobe because they can wear just about anything that represents them.  They usually update their Headshots at least every six months so trendiness does not matter to them.

All of our Headshot Sessions are quoted based on the amount of time that we shoot but we are now offering a “Special Half Hour Shoot” for the “Must Have A Headshot Now” client.

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