Creative Fees

Andrew Wilson Studios features professional award winning photography that is dedicated to capturing  the beauty and marketability of you or your product.  Our Creative Fees and Photography Programs are designed to be able to work within your budget to achieve the desired  image that you expect and deserve.

Executives, Models and Actors will find that our Portrait, Headshot and Portfolio Prices are tailored to fit most of your photographic portrait  needs.   We thrive on creating very unique images but we still offer the simple Half Hour Studio Publicity Shoot for the busy executive professional.  Custom makeup services are also available for all of our Photographic Portrait and Photo Essay shoots.  Our award winning Professional Photo Retouching is available for any print or file.

Our Signature Wedding Photography packages are probably not the lowest prices that are available but the quality, intensity and reliability that we consistently provide in our wedding coverage  will explain why our services our always in high demand.

All of our Commercial and Individual Rates may vary based on the complexity and the intended use of the photograph.  Any deviation of the initial intention or stated usage of an image may constitute an additional usage fee.   All images created by Andrew Wilson Studios are copyrighted and are not to be copied, reproduced or used in any way without the expressed written consent of Andrew Wilson or Andrew Wilson Studios.