Young at Heart!

andrewwilsonstudios-commercial-atlanta-portrait-headshots-couples- engagement-glamour-model-photography-photoessay-photography-DSCF0761aAll woman are beautiful…. at any age…. but there is a very fast growing group of women especially between the ages of 35 – 50, that are now electing to have their youth captured in very sexy, editorial or provocative imagery.   Women are becoming more fit, professional and confident and want to be preserved in that moment of their life so they are taking the unique opportunity to express themselves in a truly unique and feminine way.  I have been photographing women in the more traditional “Boudoir” sessions and for many years but there is a new wave of  women that want to combine the tradition of “Boudoir” photography with the contemporary editorial approach of “High Fashion Model Photography”.  This exciting photographic trend is probably caused by the provocative imagery that appears in movies, magazines and in very sexy advertising.  Many of  these new photography shoots have been generated by the success, pride and confidence that each of our contemporary session generates but the Victoria Secret & Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition imagery definitely help to spark this new trend.  The ultimate goal of each session is not only to photograph the beauty of the woman but to hopefully also capture the innocence and inner confidence of each woman.

I recently photographed a beautiful  40 + woman that, for the first time in her life, had finally considered herself sexy and wanted to flaunt it for her boyfriend… but mainly for herself.  She had never been photographed like this before but she saw some images that I had taken of  a 40 + model friend of her’s and so she decided that she wanted to experience and to express herself in some very sexy imagery.  Leading up to her shoot this woman seemed to get more and more excited just thinking about the upcoming shoot.   I had not even met her until the day of the shoot but I was beginning to get more of  an idea about her personality and expectations with each corresponding email and I knew that the photographic results would definitely thrill her.  The session date finally arrived and she was very excited about the overall experience of the shoot but was extremely overwhelmed when she saw her photographic results.

For the first time in her life,  she got to actually see how beautiful and sexy that she is….even at 40!

About Andrew Wilson

Atlanta Photographer Andrew Wilson, with over 25 years behind the camera, shoots weddings, fashion, celebrities, cosmetics, advertising, commercial, interiors, music covers, lifestyle, movie posters, magazine editorial, model portfolios, actors headshots, and personal portraits of all types.