What are the Differences Between Hollywood Glamour, Boudoir & Figure Photography?

The best way to approach this question is to think of all three of these categories as different levels on a meter.  Boudoir, Hollywood Glamour and Figure Photography are all similar but each one of them is designed to accomplish different goals and all three have a different “comfort tolerance levels”.  The person that is being photographed usually decides ahead of time on the type of image that they would like to achieve based on what they have seen, what they would like to say about themselves and what fits within their own “personal  comfort level”.

Hollywood Glamour Shoots are the most modest of the three shoots because the concentration is centered  on your face rather than your body.  This provides a lot more flexibility and a lot less stress on the individual because your wardrobe can include just about anything.  The earlier photographers and “glamour studios” that “specialized” in Hollywood Glamour Shoots seemed to have a fascination with feathered boas and I am so thankful that another trend has come to an end.  Most of the Hollywood Glamour Shoots that we photograph center around glamorous  makeup, lighting and beautiful expressions.  Our Hollywood Glamour Shoots can feature either the contemporary, artistic or the very popular “Film Noir” style of photography.

The Boudoir Shoot is a little bit more daring, a little less modest and is centered more around contemporary photography, glamorous makeup and the wardrobe that you decide to wear.  The Boudoir Shoot wardrobe usually consists of lingerie or clothing that is carefully positioned to look extremely sexy and can be photographed either in the studio or on location.  These shoots can be photographed very modestly but most women prefer to flaunt their sexiness either  by their choice of wardrobe or through their expressions.  Our Boudoir Shoots can feature either the “Classic Pin-Up” or our “Sexy Editorial” style  of Boudoir Photography.

Figure Photography is pretty much self explanatory but I wanted to present it as a third option because the human body has always been the subject of some very significant fine art masterpieces.  As you can imagine ,  Figure Photography is definitely not for everyone or every photographer but we do not shy away from photographing fine art Figure Photography because it has a definite place in our society and cultureWhen it comes to fine art Figure Photography, we do limit who we shoot, what we shoot and where we shoot.

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