Picture “Shooters”

In the past few years Andrew Wilson Studios and other professional photographers have experienced a sizable growth in both photographic technology and software capabilities. It just doesn’t seem that long ago that we were spending late nights in the darkroom patiently waiting for a print to appear. Today we have the ability to create and enhance our photographic images without the need of chemicals or professional retouch artists. The powerful software that we use today allows us the opportunity to enhance our images with razor sharp quality and to be able to print them on almost any type of paper or surface.

Unfortunately, there are a number of hobbyist “shooters” that rely almost exclusively on their camera and software to obtain an image but most of them do not have a clue as to how to light or enhance a subject. Photography can be a fantastic hobby but professional photography is a craft that you learn and perfect over time. Some photographers go to schools to learn camera operation, visual design and lighting techniques that can separate them from the hobbyist “shooter”. Others learn from experience by studying the masters, and by constantly learning through practice. It is the many years of experience and the constant love of the craft that separates Andrew Wilson Studios from the rest of the competition. We strive to learn, educate and impress our clients with some of the finest, most up-to-date imagery and photographic techniques available.

Andrew Wilson Studios appreciates the variety and quality of other photographer’s work as well as the healthy competition that comes with the photography business. When you are deciding on a photographer, keep in mind these three tips. First, find the photographer that can best achieve your objective within your budget. Second, research the photographer to verify that the work that they show is actually their work. Finally, hire a photographer that meets your budget and maybe even avoiding the lowest or the most expensive rates because some of those photographers do not rely on referral business and may not be able to deliver the satisfaction and quality that you are expecting. Our goal at Andrew Wilson Studios is to listen to your needs, work within your budget, and deliver the quality photographic imagery that you expect!

About Andrew Wilson

Atlanta Photographer Andrew Wilson, with over 25 years behind the camera, shoots weddings, fashion, celebrities, cosmetics, advertising, commercial, interiors, music covers, lifestyle, movie posters, magazine editorial, model portfolios, actors headshots, and personal portraits of all types.