Hollywood Glamour

Lights….Camera….and Glamour!  Shooting a Hollywood Glamour Session is just like shooting a major skin care commercial except this time, you are the Model….. and the pictures that we shoot are of You…… (or for that special someone)!

The fun actually begins in advance of your Hollywood Glamour date beginning with your consultation session.  During that session we will highlight your expectations, decide if we need to shoot in our studio or on location and then discuss what wardrobe, accessory items or props that we might need to accomplish your goal of becoming “The Next Glamour Model”.

On the day of the shoot, you will arrive at our studio or at the location ready to begin your transformation into a Hollywood Glamour Model with one of our highly skilled commercial makeup artists.  They will apply your makeup based on your ultimate goal and prepare you for the camera.   The camera lighting that we use will wash away most everyday makeup so the job of our makeup artist is to enhance your features based on the intensity level of the lighting that we are using.  We usually start off with a softer makeup application and then build on it to achieve the maximum glamour effect as your shoot progresses to hopefully eliminate any heavy makeup application anxiety that you might experience.

The lighting that we use will be totally designed around you and is set up to best enhance your glamorous features.  It may be as simple as soft “Window Light” or as dramatic as “Hollywood Hot Lights” but whatever lighting that I select is based on your look and your final image.  Our many years of shooting high fashion and glamour photography helps us to ensure that your Hollywood Glamour Session will be a total success!

Feel and look like a celebrity for a day….and preserve the memories for a lifetime!

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