Has “Time” Gone Too Far?

Here is the new shocking issue of Time Magazine that was created more to salvage the struggling magazine then to discuss the debate about breast feeding a baby.  Time Magazine has experienced diminishing sales for many years but to go so low as to use  child exploitation and maybe even child pornography to save their struggling magazine is beyond belief!  I am certainty not opposed to women breast feeding their babies but splashing it on a national magazine cover is not appropriate.

The Saturday Evening Post covers that  were popularized by the iconic artist Norman Rockwell featured all American ideals and values without having to stoop to such low tactics as making a mockery out of  breast feeding a baby.  The cover tried to capture a true Norman Rockwell moment and might have succeeded if the child in the image was a baby instead of a little boy.    As a photographer, I work very hard to abide by all current laws especially the ones that pertain to underage models and I do not appreciate the fact that  Time Magazine was allowed to print this cover with such a blatant disregard for any child exploitation laws.  This image will haunt that little boy for years just so Time Magazine could sell some magazines.  If Playboy Magazine had run such a cover they would have been shut down and criticized harshly so I am very perplexed as to why Time Magazine got a free pass.  Laws are laws and unless the laws are changed then all magazines and publishers should be scrutinized under the same laws equally.

If Time Magazine is not thoroughly condemned  for this cover then the door may be thrown wide open for even more outrageous covers and more child exploitation cases.  The “Got Milk” campaign may have just got their new poster boy!

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