Are Reality Shows Real?

The creation of so many reality shows  on our TV networks seams to have lead to an increasingly skewed sense of reality that is being played out in our daily culture.  We are being taught that success is just an overnight event and that a TV producer can make an instant celebrity out of just about anyone.  Unfortunately some of that is true but the stark reality is that many overnight success stories have become overnight failures……!  We have seen too many marginally talented individuals slip into the forgotten world of the  “where are they now” file because their fame came too fast and it ended too soon.  Even many of the “winners” have had to face the harsh reality that their moment of fame has faded  and it is time to quietly disappear and go back to their humble beginnings because the talent that catapulted them to stardom was not strong enough to sustain the test of time.

Real talent that sustains itself over time comes from passion, dedication and hard work.  Some  “Big Breaks” do eventually come to some individuals but the timing of the  breaks is crucial and a combination of strength and a healthy balance of your foundation is essential to sustaining your success.  Knowing how to deal with notoriety and fame is just as important as the talent that landed you there.  Unfortunately, in the world of Reality TV, there are very few second chances and the bottom can fall out just as fast as your “bottom line”.  It pains me to see people lined up for blocks just to try to get their shot on a reality show because only a few will be chosen and a lot of real talent will be missed or discarded.  Most people have some sort of a marketable talent and some people were born with  exceptional talent skills but the development, success and longevity of your talent is directly related to the amount of time, dedication and marketing that you are willing to spend to develop and sell your talent.  Andrew Wilson Studios prides itself in helping new talent to achieve their goals by providing award winning photography, professional coaching and key marketing materials that are necessary to achieve success and to sell your talent.

Always approach every opportunity with the thought that this might be your day to shine ….so don’t let your star or your talent fade away!



About Andrew Wilson

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