A Picture Speaks Volumes

I recently spoke at a social networking meeting about how personalized headshots or lifestyle photos by Andrew Wilson Studios can improve your overall marketing strategy when one of the members stood up and made a very well thought out observation. He was holding a stack of business cards that he had collected at the meeting and pointed out that the only way that he would remember any of the people that he had met was from the picture on their business card. I thought that this was a very good comment and quite appropriate because it is a proven fact that most people are visual and respond faster to a photograph than a company logo. The logo, presentation and professionalism of your business card are all very important but it is your picture that people remember most. When you combine your photo, marketing material with a dynamite logo and a positive initial presentation, people will remember you and your company!

When you decide to update your headshot and marketing material it is important that you do your homework to find the right photographer and then have a solid marketing plan in mind before you schedule your shoot. Headshots and lifestyle photos should be a key ingredient in your marketing campaign as long as the images reflect your personality, fit seamlessly into your marketing plan and look very professional. Headshots and lifestyle photos are like hairstyles because they can make you look very good if they are done right but they can make you look very bad if they are not photographed correctly. It is a bad idea to sabotage your marketing material with images that are not photographed well or that do not make you look your very best. Try to avoid cell phone and snap shot photos from your marketing material because prospective clients will view them as very unprofessional and may not take you seriously. The first meeting that you have with your client is very important so make it as meaningful as possible and take advantage of every opportunity that you might have to make a positive impression.

I hope that in some way the suggestions that I have shared might be able to help you in your marketing program. The success of your marketing program is due to a variety of factors but we hope that the photography of Andrew Wilson Studios can be a key part of you overall marketing strategy, photographic imagery and your success!

About Andrew Wilson

Atlanta Photographer Andrew Wilson, with over 25 years behind the camera, shoots weddings, fashion, celebrities, cosmetics, advertising, commercial, interiors, music covers, lifestyle, movie posters, magazine editorial, model portfolios, actors headshots, and personal portraits of all types.